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Meeting Area The waiting/meeting area is a child-friendly environment for families. We have a chalkboard with coloured chalk, toys, and a selection of children books for children's amusement.
Meeting Room This room also serves as a spacious meeting area for our weekly laboratory meetings.
Testing Room The large testing room, which is adjacent to the coding/observation room, contains child-sized tables and chairs and gives both the researcher and the participant plenty of space to work.
Coding/Observation Room The coding/observation room allows observation of our young participants through a one-way mirror. High quality video equipment is available for both in-lab recording as well as recording in the field. The coding equipment consists of a 27 inch monitor and a video Hi8 player.
Office The office is equipped with a Macintosh computer, laser printer, and telephone. The computer equipment is available to the students and the laboratory coordinator for data analysis, data management, and report writing. Access to the university's IBM AIX mainframe is provided through a direct ethernet connection.