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Suzanne Hala

Graduate Students:

Lee-Ann McKay

     -     Meta-memory and source monitoring accuracy in children (i.e., 4-, 6- and 8-year-olds)

Lab Coordinator / Research Assistant:

Taeh Bonn Haddock 

     -     The influence of distracter items on source monitoring performance in 4-year-olds

Undergraduate Students:

Ellen Lloyd  

     -     Memory and confidence for sources of actions in 4-year-olds


Former Lab Members:

Samantha Merritt

     -     Elaboration strategies and source monitoring in young children

Lisa Pascal

     -     The generation effect and source monitoring in young children 

Kim Tan-McNeill

     -     The generation effect in 4-year-old children

Annik Mossiere

     -     Relation of bilingual language acquisition and executive function in young children

Lindsay Friesen

     -     Rehearsal and elaboration in school-aged children

Alisha Brown

     -     Source monitoring in toddlers: Effects of context 

Marcia Gordeyko

     -     Executive function and source monitoring in young children

Kristen Rostad 

     -     Source monitoring in young children 

Emma Climie

     -     Executive function and bilingual language acquisition 

Annette Henderson

     -     Source monitoring in a pretend context 

Juanita Turner 

     -     The role of planning in source monitoring accuracy in young children

Jana Prete

     -     The effects of planning and selection on preschooler's reality monitoring

Sara Jungen

     -     You're really nice: Children's understanding of sarcasm and personality traits

Carmen Rasmussen 

     -     Source monitoring in children with and without autism 

Jenny Baxter

     -     Reducing executive demands of working memory and inhibitory control in false belief tasks

Stacey Hug

     -     The relation of executive function to false belief understanding in 3- and 4-year-olds

Carly McMorris

     -     Reality source monitoring in children with and without autism spectrum disorder