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About Me

am a postdoctoral fellow at the University of Calgary in the Department of Psychology. In my research, I examine (a) how children learn to represent and reason about other people's thoughts and feelings and (b) how children use social cognitive abilities to improve related social skills, such as spoken communication.

At the University of Calgary, I am currently working in collaboration with Dr. Susan Graham and Dr. Suzanne Curtin. I am also a member of the Ch.I.L.D. Research Group

I completed my doctoral dissertation (The Role of Language in the Development of Epistemic Concepts) at the University of Toronto in 2012, under the supervision of Dr. Janet Astington.

Contact Information:
Valerie San Juan
Department of Psychology
University of Calgary
2500 University Dr. N.W.
Calgary, AB Canada
T2N 1N4

Office Phone: 403-220-2485

Curriculum Vitae: san_juan_cv.pdf