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Forms and Documents

Online Forms and Documents (in alphabetical order)

Honours Application Form (pdf)

Honours Application Form (word)

This form is for applying for honours. See the honours section of the website for more information. You might have to click view in a different browser (top right corner) to get it to the fill able form.

Make Up Exam Form (pdf)

Your instructor needs to fill out this form if you are completing a Make Up Exam. 

Permission to Audio Record (pdf)

Use this form if you would like to record your psychology lecture(s)

Statutory Declaration

Documentation to provide to your instructor for a missed midterm exam or term work.

Program Summary Sheet (pdf)

A summary sheet outlining admissions and degree requirements for the BA and BSc programs

Reference Letter Request Form (FOIP) (pdf)

Use this request form when asking a faculty member for a reference letter (for graduate school or equivalent)

Scholarship Memo (pdf)

Information on scholarship opportunities available to graduate and undergraduate students

Test Taking Advice (pdf)

Advice on how to prepare for multiple choice exams

Undergraduate Student Research Handbook

The Department of Psychology values experiential learning and is committed to offering students rich opportunities to involve themselves in all aspects of the research enterprise. To facilitate this process, we have prepared a handbook—very much still a work in progress—that we hope will be useful to:

  • students who want to know more about research opportunities in Psychology and what those opportunities may look like
  • students planning on taking an independent studies course (PSYC 504 or 505)
  • students planning on applying to our honours program
  • students currently taking an independent studies course
  • students currently in the honours program
  • faculty working with or considering working with undergraduates on research projects

*This initial version does not address PSYC 499 courses but future versions may.

Undergraduate Student-Supervisor Contract

For all honours students and students completing 504/505 courses. A completed version of this form (signed by both supervisor and student) must be submitted no later than the last day of the first term in which the course starts (September 30 for honours students and students taking 504/505 classes that begin in the fall term. January 31 for all students taking 505 courses beginning in the winter term).

PSYC 499 Outline Template 

Quarter course for students to gain research experience under the supervision of a faculty member.

PSYC 499 Midsession Report 

Your 499 supervisor will use this form to submit an interim report on your progress approximately halfway through the term. 

PSYC 499 Final Report 

Your 499 supervisor will use this form to submit a final report on your progress throughout the term.