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Submitted by darmstro on Fri, 09/16/2016 - 9:43am

New to UCalgary? Are you wondering what terms like 'unit', 'term', 'full-course equivalence' and 'minor' are all about?

Find a glossary of frequently used terminology in the University Calendar. From the Table of Contents, click on the “Glossary of Terms” link.

Where can I find course add/drop forms, change of program forms etc?

Please refer to the “Forms for Students” link in UCalgary’s Enrollment Services website for these and many other forms.

How do I use the enrollment system to pick my courses?

Please refer to the “Online Registration Guide” section of UCalgary’s Enrollment Services website. See also the questions on Programs and Program Requirements on this page.

How much are my courses and how do I pay my tuition?

You will find tuition cost, information on general and related fees, along with tuition payment options on the “Fees & Finances” section of UCalgary’s Enrollment Services website.

Where can I find out what the course add/drop and tuition deadlines are?

You can find these and other deadlines on the Important Dates page of the Enrollment Services website.

How many consecutive terms can I take away from my studies at UCalgary before needing to apply for readmission?

Students can take up to 24 consecutive months away from their studies at UCalgary without losing their student status and needing to apply for readmission. Courses taken at other institutions while away do not count towards the maintenance of student status at UCalgary.

How do I calculate my GPA?

To calculate your GPA, login to MyUofC and use the “GPA Calculator” found in your Student Center. You will find it in the drop-down menu under the Academics section.

You will have the option of manually selecting which courses to include in the GPA calculation (such as the last 5 FCE completed) or selecting courses by some criteria (such as only PSYC) courses. Should you have any questions about using the GPA calculator, you can drop by the Psyc general office or call the Enrollment System help line at 403-220-5555 (option 2).

For full regulations and a general explanation of all letter grades, please refer to the “Undergraduate Grading System” section found under “Academic Regulations” in the table of contents of the University Calendar.

Where can I get help writing my essays?

Your instructor or TA will be there to provide you with guidance and feedback when it comes time to choosing a topic, but in terms of issues with grammar, how to properly structure your paper, or how cite your sources, you can get help through UCalgary’s Effective Writing Program.
The EFP offers workshops and non-credit courses on writing academic papers, writing essay exams, as well as free drop-in writing consultations and more.

Finding the idea of writing a 2-3 hour exam intimidating? The Office of the Student Experience can help!

The Office of the Student Experience offers a variety of free Student Success Seminars each term on topics such as:

  • Exam preparation
  • Test anxiety
  • How to prepare for multiple-choice exams
  • How to take effective notes in class
  • Oral presentations
  • Time management

See also, Where can I get help writing essays? for workshops on how to prepare for essay exams.