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Recent Theses

Recent Honours Theses in the Department

Students presented their theses at the 21st  Annual Student Research Conference on April 29, 2017.

Honours Student

Thesis Title


Eric Abraham

Relational Self-Change and Revenge in Romantic Relationships

Dr.Susan Boon

Nina Anderson

Two Meows Don’t Make a “Cat”-egory: 7-month-olds Fail to Learn Intermodal Association

Dr.Susan Graham

Dominique Bonneville

Treating Sleep Disturbance in Adolescents with Protracted Recovery from Mild Traumatic Brain Injury

Dr.Lianne Tomfohr

Lorna Breen

The Effects of Belief in a Just World, Relationship Type, and Degree of Contact on Perceptions of Sexual Assault

Dr.Melissa Boyce

Kristen Deschamps

Cognitive Outcomes in Children with Primary CNS Vasculitis

Dr.Keith Yeates

Caitlin Foster

Age of Onset in Older Adult Substance Abuse

Dr.Candace Konnert

Kendall Fraser

ERP Correlates of Audiovisual Asynchrony Detection

Dr. Andrea Protzner

Kelsey Friesen

Children’s Comprehensive of Negation

Dr.Penny Pexman

Marie-Claude Goulet

Exploring the Outcomes of Workplace Impression Management Behaviours on Employee Perceptions

Dr.Josh Bourdage

Kyra Grocutt

Peer Feedback Ratings in Teams and the Role of Individual Differences

Dr.Tom O'Neill

Ethan Harder

Influence of HEXACO personality traits on experience of post-traumatic growth and post-traumatic stress

Dr.Raymond Lamntagne

Claire Kimbley

The Vegetarian Personality: A HEXACO Perspective

Dr. Kibeom Lee

Tatiana Lund

Examining Effects of Motor and Emotion Information in Children’s Lexical processing

Dr. Penny Pexman

Janelle Morhun

Examining Psychosocial Correlates of Health-Related Quality of Life in Young Pediatric Cancer Patients

Dr.Lianne Tomfohr

Melissa Mueller

The Impacts of Screen Time on Child Developmental Outcomes

Dr. Mike Boyes

Jordan Termeer

Mental Illness Stigma and Juror Decision-Making

Dr.Andrew Szeto

Lisa Nguyen

The Role of Friendships in the Experiences of Impostor Syndrome

Dr.Cara MacInnis

Carley Paterson

Experiences with Food and Eating Addiction: A Thematic Analysis

Dr.Kristin von Ranson

Lindsay Pittman

An Examination of Affective Forecasting and Coping on Short-Term Adjustment Following a Romantic Breakup

Dr.Eddie Sheppard

Maryam Qureshi

Cancer patient Use, Interest and Barriers to Complementary Therapies

Dr.Linda Carlson

Carly Sears

Evaluation of a Vaginal and Sexual Health Workshop for Women Diagnosed with Cancer

Dr.John Robinson

Prakriti Sharma

Cyber Revenge

Dr.Susan Boon

Candice Speer

Self-esteem as a Moderator of the Impact of a Failure Experience on Future Expectations

Dr. John Ellard

Michaela Summers

Examining the Potential Double Stigma of Ethnicity and Mental Illness

Dr.Andrew Szeto

Sophia Tran

Examining the Effects of Socioeconomic Status-Crime Congruency

Dr.Melissa Boyce

Carlina Ulrich

Examining Potential Prejudice Toward Older Adult Mobility Device Users

Dr.Cara MacInnis

Julia Weaver

A Discursive Study of Food Talk Among Undergraduates

Dr.Hank Stam

Savithri Wewala

Stigma related to Mental Illness and the Fundamental Attribution Error

Dr.Keith Dobson

Steve Williams

Psychological Characteristics Associated with Attentional Bias in Gamblers: An Eye-Tracking Study

Dr. Dan McGrath

Samantha Withnell

Priming Attentional Biases in Women with High and Low Body Satisfaction

Dr. Kristin von Ranson/Dr.Chris Sears

Melissa Pike

The Effect of Personality Detection Training and Question Type on the Accuracy of Personality Detection in the Employment Interview

Dr. Josh Bourdage