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Potential Supervisors

Department of Psychology Honours Program 2018/2019 Potential Supervisors 

The following professors have indicated they are prepared to supervise honours students during 2018/2019.




Dr. Mike Antle

Neural mechanisms of circadian rhythms using animal models.

Dr. Susan Boon

My research explores personal relationships, with a particular focus on romantic relationships and often, though not exclusively, their "dark side." See for more information.

Dr. Joshua Bourdage

Interpersonal influence in the organizations, including impression management & influence tactics in the job interview, workplace & team contexts.

Dr. Brandy Callahan

Dr. Callahan's research aims to improve early diagnosis of dementia using neuropsychological and neuroimaging measures.

Dr. Tavis Campbell

Health Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Behavioural Medicine

Dr. Linda Carlson

Psychosocial Onocology

Dr. Derek Chapman

Industrial/Organizational Psychology, Recruiting & Selection

Dr. Emma Climie

Research focus on understanding the abilities of children, particularly those with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder

Dr. Suzanne Curtin

Child Psychology, Cognitive Development, Psycholinguistics, speech.

Dr. Richard Dyck

Research in the Dyck laboratory is directed to understanding the mechanisms involved in mediating cerebral cortical plasticity. Using animal models we study how day-to-day experiences modify neural communication and connectivity, and influence brain function and behaviour.


Dr. Gerald Giesbrecht

The research is in the area of the effects of psychological stress during pregnancy on child development outcomes.

Dr. Janine Giese-Davis

Tom Baker Cancer Centre

Dr. Nick Turner

Industrial/organizational psychology, specifically leadership, work design, and occupational health & safety.

Dr. Susan Graham

Child Psychology, Cognitive Development, Language Processing

Dr. Laura Hambley

Organizational Psychology

Dr. Leah Hamilton

Social and economic integration of newcomers and refugees; attitudes and prejudice toward newcomers and refugees; workplace diversity initiatives; mentorship; employability

Dr. Kathleen Hughes

My research focuses on how university students' social and emotional strengths can influence their educational experiences. Topics I am particularly interested for the 2018-2019 school year are university student anxiety, engagement, sense of belonging, and personality along with perceptions of teacher quality and classroom climate. My research also examines the role marginalization and how demographic factors (gender, age, religion, ethnicity, sexuality, socioeconomic status) can influence student experiences.

Dr. Giuseppe Iaria

At NeuroLab ( we use neuroimaging and behavioural approaches to investigate a variety of cognitive processes in humans. We test children, adults, clinical populations, and also Astronauts. Email the Director of NeuroLab (Giuseppe Iaria) for booking a meeting if you would like to learn more about potential projects, and for visiting the lab.

Dr. Kibeom Lee

Industrial/Organizational Psychology & Personality Psychology

Dr. Vedran Lovic

Behavioural Neuroscience, addictive behaviours, motivation, learning

Dr. Cara MacInnis

Social Psychology, Attitudes

Dr. Adam McCrimmon

Autism Spectrum Disorder, with specific interests in resilience, mental health, vocational skills, diagnostic assessment, cognition & cognitive development, neuropsychological functioning.

Dr. Daniel McGrath

My research interests focus primarily on disordered gambling. I am particularly interested in how co-morbid substance use (e.g., alcohol, tobacco) affects gambling-related behaviour as well as craving and cognitive process related to disordered gambling.

Dr. Adam Murry

Dr. Murry's research spans several topics that are related to Native American and First Nations community members. In order of priority, current projects include a literature review on tobacco use and Native youth, an analysis of survey data on American Indian students' perceptions of college experiences, and an analysis and write up of program evaluation data for a summer internships program in climate science.

Dr. Richelle Mychasiuk

My primary research interests are in the area of developmental origins of neuroplasticity. The laboratory uses extensive behavioural and epigenetic techniques to examine the pathophysiological association between early developmental programming events and susceptibility to neurodevelopmental disorders and brain injury.

Dr. Melanie Noel

Dr. Noel's research expertise is in the area of children's anxiety/fear and pain memories as cognitive-affective mechanisms underlying trajectories of pediatric pain.

Dr. Penny Pexman

Research interests: Cognitive development, language processing, psycholinguistics.

Dr. Andrea Protzner

My research uses electroencephalography and functional magnetic resonance imaging to study how brain dynamics are linked to variations in cognitive capacity.  Specifically, we examine how neural networks change when people learn something new, or when people experience focal or diffuse brain damage

Dr. Lorraine Radtke

My current scholarly activities include exploring (a) the experiences of mothering in the context of intimate partner abuse, (b) discourses of gender, and (c) theoretical topics in the psychology of gender (e.g., how intimate partner abuse is theorized; theories of power in the psychology of gender).

Dr. Christopher Sears

cognition, attention, and memory in depressed and depression-vulnerable individuals

Dr. Fiona Schulte

Fiona's research is broadly interestedin enhancing the patient and family experience for pediatric patients diagnosed with cancer and improving the psychosocial late effects in survivors of pediatric cancer.

Dr. Henderikus Stam

Qualitative studies on various topics; history of psychology studies.

Dr. Sheri Madigan

 My research focuses on determinants of children's early social, emotional, and cognitive development.

Dr.Andrew Szeto

My area of interest is the stigma of mental illness

Dr. Lianne Tomfohr

Research in the lab explores relationships between psychology and health

Dr. Kristin von Ranson

Eating disorders and body image

Dr. Yannick Griep

Broadly, my research in the field of psychological contracts focuses on how employers can establish and maintain positive relationships with their employees. At its most basic level, I examine the employee-employer exchange relationship and the factors that have a positive (e.g., trust) and negative (e.g., breach of promises) influence on this relationship.



Dr. Stephanie Hastings


Dr. David Hodgins

My research interests lie in the area of addictive behaviours, including alcohol and gambling addictions, and comorbid psychiatric disorders.