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Entrance Requirements

The University of Calgary has a top-down, competitive admission process. Each year a fixed number of students are admitted to the Psychology Major based on their high school matriculation average in the case of frosh applicants, or their grade point average in the case of transfer students. There is no guaranteed admission average.
Already have a bachelor’s degree in another discipline? If so, please see our After-Degree Program page.

Check the University of Calgary Admissions web site for further details on admission requirements. Note that admissions are handled by the Admissions Office, not the Department of Psychology. 


  • In the case of first year applicants (applicants who are coming directly to the University from high school, or those with only a high school background), high school matriculation average will be used.

  • In the case of transfer students (applicants who are currently post-secondary students or have previously attended a post-secondary institution, including the University of Calgary), grade point average and possibly high school matriculations average will be used. Please consult A.2 "Admission Requirements" found under the Undergraduate Admissions section of the University Calendar for details.

Matriculation Subjects

All applicants must present English Language Arts 30-1 and four other Alberta Grade 12 subjects (or equivalents). The admissions average is calculated across these five subjects.

Note: Although Math 30-1 is no longer required for admission to Psychology, it is nevertheless a prerequisite for a number of required Science Foundation courses and PSYC 312. (PSYC 312 is a required course taken in second year which is a prerequisite for all senior 400-level PSYC courses). Therefore, to insure degree completion within four years, it is essential that all BSc Psychology Majors without Math 30-1 meet this requirement as soon as possible. Please refer to our Frequently Asked Questions page for more details.

For a listing of acceptable courses and complete admissions requirements, please refer to the University of Calgary Admissions web site. In addition, students are strongly advised to consult the following sections of the University Calendar:

  • Undergraduate Admissions
  • Faculty of Arts (see the "Faculty Regulations" section)

For the B.Sc. program in Psychology, Math 30-1, Biology 30 and Chemistry 30 or equivalent are required for the following Science Foundation courses taken while in first year*:

Science Foundation Courses: Prerequisites:
BIOL 241 and 243 Biology 30
CHEM 201 or 211 AND CHEM 203 or 213 Chemistry 30, Math 30-1.
(Math 31 is strongly recommended)
MATH 249 or MATH 265 or MATH 281 Minimum requirement is Math 30-1 with a 70% grade. Some of these options have additional and/or higher grade requirements*
One of MATH 211, 213, 253, 267
PHYS 211 or 221 or 227

Phys 211 requires PM 30.
(Physics 30 is recommended)

Phys 221 requires PM 30 with a grade of 70% or higher and 50% or higher in Math 31.

* Complete course listings along with prerequisite information for all courses at UofC can be found under the "Courses of Instruction" link in the table of contents of the University Calendar.

Please note: Applied Mathematics 30 is not an acceptable substitute for Math 30-1 or equivalent.


Adult Students

A matriculated adult student is a high school graduate who is over the age of 21. Applicants who have completed university entrance requirements (matriculation) more than ten years ago may not have adequate prerequisites for certain courses. If this applies to you, contact the Faculty of Arts at:

Arts Students’ Center
Social Sciences 102
Phone : (403) 220-3580
Email :

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After-Degree Program in Psychology

If you have a bachelor's degree in a discipline other than psychology, you may want to consider completing an After-Degree in Psychology. Students with a Psychology minor but with a major in another discipline are eligible to apply. After-Degree students may complete an Honours degree.

An individual assessment is completed for every student applying for admission to an After-Degree Program. This is needed to determine the number of full course equivalencies which may be transferred and applied towards the second degree.

Please refer to our After-Degree Program page for additional information.


How to Apply

In order to apply to the Psychology program, you must apply to the University of Calgary. See the University of Calgary's admission webpages for application information and associated deadlines. For all applicants: Select Psychology as your first choice when selecting a program. It is always a good idea to select second alternate choice in the event that you are not accepted to our program.

Fill out the On-line Application Form linked from the University of Calgary's web site. (Please note that the application form is available from mid-November until the application deadline for application to the following Fall Term closes.)

For more information, please visit the University of Calgary Admissions web site or call the Admissions office directly (403) 210-7625. You can also drop-in to speak with an admissions officer in person:

Enrollment Services
MacKimmie Library Block, room 117
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Prospective International Students

Please refer to the University of Calgary Admissions web site for international requirements. For more information or help with applications, please call +1-403-220-4380 or send an email to:

Once admitted to UofC, please refer to the Center for International Students & Study Abroad web site for information about immigration, accommodation, and much more.



Visit the University of Calgary's admissions website and click on the "Admission" tab. Next, click on the "Important Dates" link in the left-hand side menu.

Missed the application deadline, but still want to apply next fall? You can apply as an Open-Studies (Non-Degree) student and take courses in the meantime. Courses you take as an Open-Studies student can be applied towards degree requirements once admitted to a degree program.

Please refer to the University of Calgary admissions web site or call Enrollment Services at (403) 210-7625 for more details. You can also drop-in to speak with an admissions officer in person:

Enrollment Services
MacKimmie Library Block, room 117
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