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Publications - 2018


Attention to fat- and thin-related stimuli in body-satisfied and body-dissatisfied women before and after thin-model priming

Tobin, L., Sears, C. R., Zumbusch, A. and von Ranson, Kristin

Communicating abstract meaning: Concepts revealed in words and gestures

Zdrazilova, Lenka, Sidhu, David and Pexman, Penny

Demographic, psychiatric and personality correlates of adults seeking treatment for disordered gambling with a comorbid binge/purge type eating disorder

Kim, Hyoun, von Ranson, Kristin, Hodgins, D. C., McGrath, D. and Tavares, H.

Evaluating an abbreviated three-factor structure of the Eating Disorder Examination Questionnaire in three samples

Tobin, L. N., Lacroix, E. and von Ranson, Kristin

Fitspiration and thinspiration: A comparison across three social networking sites

Alberga, A. S., Withnell, S. J. and von Ranson, Kristin

Innovation in eating disorders research and practice: Expanding our community and perspectives at the 2018 International Conference on Eating Disorders

Diedrichs, Phillippa C., von Ranson, Kristin and Thomas, J. J.

Is there more to the equation? Weight bias and the costs of obesity

Singh, K., McLaren, L., Russell-Mayhew, S. and von Ranson, Kristin

Let’s get cynical about this! Recursive relationships between psychological contract breach and counterproductive work behaviour

Griep, Yannick and Vantilborgh, Tim

Moving beyond the ‘eating addiction’ versus ‘food addiction’ debate: Comment on Schulte et al. (2017)

Lacroix, E., Tavares, H. and von Ranson, Kristin

Other specified feeding or eating disorders

von Ranson, Kristin

Personality and eating disorders

Farstad, S. M. and von Ranson, Kristin

Personality, Religion, and Politics: An Investigation in 33 Countries

Griep, Yannick, Lee, Kibeom, Ashton, Michael C. and Edmonds, Michael

Prediction of beauty and liking ratings for abstract and representational paintings using subjective and objective measures

Sidhu, David, McDougall, Katrina, Jalava, Shaela and Bodner, Glen

Reciprocal associations between eating pathology and parent-daughter relationships: A monozygotic twin differences study

Korotana, Laurel, von Ranson, Kristin, Wilson, S. and Iacono, W. G.

Senate report on obesity: Focusing on individual behaviours versus social determinants of health may promote weight stigma

Alberga, A. S., McLaren, L., Russell-Mayhew, S. and von Ranson, Kristin

The relationship between organisational change and being a perpetrator of workplace bullying: A three-wave longitudinal study

Griep, Yannick, Baillien, Elfi, Vander Elst, Tinne and De Witte, Hans

Weighing up the evidence for sound symbolism: Distributional properties predict cue strength

Westbury, Chris, Hollis, Geoff, Sidhu, David and Pexman, Penny
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