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A listing of our Departmental Research Labs is on the following pages. Each lab has the faculty member(s) associated with it listed.

Research Topics
On this page is a list of research topics and those faculty members and grad students who are interested in them.

The Canadian Spring Conference on Behaviour and Brain has been moved to:


Research Participation System
The Department’s Research Participation System (RPS) is an online system for managing research studies involving Psychology-student participants. Faculty and student researchers benefit from the RPS by gaining access to a large pool of student participants. Student participants acquire important experiential learning opportunities from the RPS and learn firsthand about research in psychology in exchange for course credit.

The Faculty Coordinator for the RPS System is Mark Holden.

Policy on Research Participation System (pdf)
Research Participation System Application (word document)
Sona Researcher Guide (pdf)

Graduate students are a critical component of our active research environment. At both the masters and PhD level, they work as collaborators and colleagues with their supervisor and other members of their research lab(s). This leads to a series of vibrant research communities within the Department.

We have a policy that all graduate students be funded, with scholarships and/or teaching/research assistantships available for everyone in the program. Funding levels are among the best in the country.

Click here for information about funding, criteria and procedures for applying to our graduate program.