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Yannick Griep

  • Assistant Professor

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Not currently teaching any courses.

Research Interests

Note: I will be accepting applications for Graduate student positions starting September 2020.

Broadly, my research in the field of workplace mistreatment processes focuses on how employees, employers, and third-parties interact with each other on a daily basis, and what happens when these interactions turn negative through, for example, the introduction of psychological contract breach, conflict, or vengeful acts. My primary goal in all of my research is to make meaningful theoretical and/or practical contributions. As such, I seek to challenge existing assumptions inherent in the literature and offer alternative theoretical and empirical approaches that will advance our understanding of important mechanisms underlying these workplace mistreatment processes. For example, in the work that I do with my colleagues on psychological contract processes, I focus on expanding existing theory in significant ways that generate exciting new research avenues. For instance, I demonstrated that all deviations from original organizational promises, not only negative deviation in terms of psychological contract breach, trigger stress reactions (as exemplified by a lowered heart rate variability and increased galvanic skin response); thereby indicating that our initial assumptions about the inherent goodness of over-fulfillment of organizational obligations might be to optimistic.

Moreover, my research contributes theoretically and practically to the existing literature by challenging the validity of common assumptions and interpretations of existing and inconsistent findings by demonstrating that, for example, linear and unidirectional relationships between psychological contract breach and employee behaviors are highly unlikely, and that the traditional approach of typecasting certain variables solely as antecedents or outcomes paints a far too simplistic picture of reality. 

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