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Sheri Madigan

  • TIER II CRC - Determinants of Child Development
  • Associate Professor

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Not currently teaching any courses.

General Interests

Clinical Psychology

Risk and Resilience

Determinants of Child Development

Research Background, Interests, and Outputs

Dr. Madigan holds a Canada Research Chair in Determinants of Child Development. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Psychology at the University of Calgary, a member of the Owerko Centre at the Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute and an Associate Member of the Mathison Centre for Mental Health Research and Education.

Dr. Madigan's research seeks to isolate the central determinants of child and youth development. She is primarily focused on understanding how social stressors and adversities can influence child socio-emotional development. She is also interested in understanding why some mothers, children, and youth show resilience to these stressors and adversities while others remain vulnerable. Her research uses a variety of methods (e.g., observational assessments, survey data, structured interviews) and capitalizes on multiple statistical methods as a function of the question under consideration (e.g., meta-analyses, mediation and moderation, trajectory analyses, multilevel models, path analyses, and individual participant data reviews).

Research emerging from the Determinants of Child Development lab (see has been published in the top journals in Psychology, Psychiatry, Pediatrics, and Social Work including JAMA Pediatrics, Psychological Bulletin, Pediatrics, Journal of Adolescent Health, Journal of Child Psychology and PsychiatryChild DevelopmentDevelopmental PsychologyDevelopment & Psychopathology, and Child Abuse and Neglect. Our work has been widely covered in the media, including The New York Times, Time Magazine, BBC, The Guardian, CNN, and CBC. Determinants of Child Development lab members are passionate about disseminating research to those interacting with children and youth, and regularly give presentations to parents, caregivers, educators, and health practitioners on central determinants of child and youth development. Dr. Madigan is also the child development expert for CTV Morning Live Calgary, providing monthly segments on topics related to parenting and child development. 

Current Research Support as Principal Investigator

Canada Research Chairs (2015-2020)

Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation (2015-2020)

Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC), including:

Insight Grant (2018-2020)

- Partnership Development Grant (2017-2020)

Selected Television and Media Outputs

Selected Television Segments:

1.     CTV Calgary live morning news (examples): 

        a. Controlling Temper Tantrums:

        b. Teaching Children to Problem Solve

        c. Playing Favorites

        d. Device Free Dinners

2.   ABC’s Good Morning America (2018, February): “Sexting Among Teens is on the Rise”:  

3.   Global News (2017, April) “A tough childhood could lead to difficult pregnancies later on: Calgary research”   

Selected Interviews Based on Published Research

1.     Time Magazine:

2.     Today's Parent:  

3.     The New York Times:

4.     Time Magazine:

5.     CNN: 

6.     CBC:

7.     Huffington Post:

8.     Reuters:


 Authored News Outputs

1.   The Conversation Canada (Authors: Madigan, S., Anderson, N., Gimitropoulos, G). 12 ways to keep your kids safe from sexual encounters online. Published June 12, 2018. 

2. The Conversation Canada (Authors: Madigan, S., Gimitropoulos, G.). One in five youth see unwanted sexual content online, says new research. Published June 12, 2018.  

3.    The Conversation Canada (Authors: Madigan, S., Mori, C., Temple, J.). Why sexting must be on the curriculum. Published May 16, 2018. 

4.    The Conversation Canada (Authors: Madigan, S., Racine, N., Tough, S). How compassion can triumph over toxic stress.  Published April 4, 2018.

5.     The Conversation Canada (Authors: Madigan, S. & Temple, J). One in Seven Teens are ‘Sexting’ Says New Research.  Published February 19, 2018.

6.    The Conversation Canada (Authors: Madigan, S., Jenkins, J., & Jambon, M). New Research Shows Siblings Can Make You More Empathic. Published on February 20, 2018.

7.   The Conversation Canada (Authors: Madigan, S., Jenkins, J., & Jambon, M). Three strategies to Promote Empathy in Children. Published February 20, 2018. 


Google Scholar Profile


Trainee involvement underlined.

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