University of Calgary

Lianne Tomfohr

  • Associate Professor

Research Interests

Broadly, my primary research interests focus on identifying relationships between physical health and psychosocial variables; however, the populations and methodologies that I have investigated are diverse, ranging from the exploration of racial health disparities to evaluation of sleep interventions.

Currently, the lab is investigating ways to intervene and change health trajectories in vulnerable populations. Research is focused on (1) better understanding how maternal adversity is associated with infant and child health problems and (2) testing interventions in pregnancy that aim to reduce maternal stress, anxiety, and insomnia and reduce postpartum mood problems. Research in the lab is also testing whether reducing high levels of maternal psychological distress and insomnia in pregnancy can positively impact pregnancy related and infant health trajectories.

In a second and related line of research, we are investigating predictors and consequences of poor infant and child sleep both in typically developing populations and in children experiencing illness (e.g., pediatric cancer, TBI). 


Representative Publications  *Underlining represents student authors.

Bayrampour, H., Tomfohr-Madsen, L.M., Tough, S. (In press). Trajectories of Anxiety and Depression from Pregnancy to One Year Postpartum – Results from the All Our Babies Cohort Study. Journal of Clinical Psychiatry.

Cameron, E., Sedov, I., Tomfohr-Madsen, L.M. (2016). Systematic Review and Meta-analysis of Prevalence and Predictors of Paternal Postpartum Depression. Journal of Affective Disorders. DOI: 10.1016/j.jad.2016.07.044

Madsen, J.W., Tomfohr-Madsen, L.M., Doss, B. (2016). The Impact of Couple Therapy on Service Utilization among Military Veterans: The Moderating Roles of Pretreatment Service Utilization and Premature Termination. Service utilization before and after outpatient treatment for relationship distress in military veterans. Family Process. DOI: 10.1111/famp.12234

Lee, S., Narendram, G., Tomfohr-Madsen, L.M., Schulte, F. (2016). Systematic Review of Sleep in the Hospital in Children with Pediatric Cancer. Psycho-Oncology. DOI: 10.1002/pon.4149

Tomfohr-Madsen, L.M., Clayborne, Z., Rouleau, C.R., Campbell, T.C. (2016). Sleeping for Two: Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia in Pregnancy. Behavioral Sleep Medicine. DOI: 10.1080/15402002.2016.1141769

Rouleau, C.R., Tomfohr-Madsen, L.M., Campbell, T.S., Letourneau, N., Giesbrecht, G.F. (2016). The Role of Maternal Cardiac Vagal Control in the Association between Depressive Symptoms and Incident Hypertension in Pregnancy. Biological Psychology. 117: 32-42.

Tomfohr, L.M., Pung, M., Dimsdale, J.D. (2016). Mediators of the Relationship between Race and Allostatic Load in African and Caucasian Americans. Health Psychology. 35(4), 322-332.

Tomfohr, L.M., Edwards, K., Madsen, J.W., Mills, P.J., (2015). Social Support Moderates the Relationship between Sleep and Inflammation in a Population at High Risk for Developing Cardiovascular Disease. Psychophysiology, 52(12). 1689-97.

Tomfohr, L.M., Buliga, E., Letourneau, N. Campbell, T., Geisbrecht, G. (2015). Trajectories of Sleep Quality and Associations with Mood During the Perinatal Period. Sleep, 38(8), 1237-1245.

Tomfohr, L.M., Pung, M.A., Mills, P.J., Edwards, K.M. (2015). Which aspects of mindfulness are associated with health? Relationships between facets of mindfulness, blood pressure and Interleukin-6. Journal of Behavioral Medicine. 38(1), 28-38.


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