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Kibeom Lee

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Industrial/Organizational Psychology

I am primarily interested in how individual differences variables such as personality, intelligence, interests, and values influence behaviors in the workplace.  In the past, I have examined the following criteria at work in relation to these individual differences variables.

  • Counterproductive behaviors/Anti-social behaviors
  • Impression management behaviors
  • Politics in organizations
  • Bullying behaviors
** I am accepting applications for graduate students in I/O psychology for Fall 2018.

Personality Psychology

I am also interested in the measurement and structure of personality traits. My colleague (M. C. Ashton) and I have been working on the development of the taxonomic model of personality, a fundamental problem in personality psychology. On the basis of intensive analyses of personality lexicons of various languages, we have proposed a six-dimensional model of personality known as the HEXACO model.

Visit to learn more about the HEXACO model of personality structure.  You can also download materials for the HEXACO Personality Inventory—Revised from the website.


Journal Articles - Peer Reviewed

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