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Clinical Faculty

Brandy Callahan

Dr. Callahan's research aims to improve early diagnosis of dementia using neuropsychological and neuroimaging measures
Tavis Campbell

Dr. Campbell is a behavioral medicine specialist with a program of research focused on bio-behavioral mechanisms underlying risk and recurrence in chronic illness.
Keith Dobson

Dr. Dobson’s interests include cognitive models of depression, cognitive-behavioral therapy, stigma reduction, and cross-cultural aspects of psychopathology.
Susan Graham Dr. Graham’s research focuses on language and cognitive development during the infancy and preschool years.
David Hodgins Dr. Hodgins interests lie in the area of addictive behaviours, specifically alcohol and gambling addictions, and comorbid psychiatric disorders, including the process of recovery from problems including brief motivational interventions and understanding the process of relapse to addictive behaviors.
Candace Konnert

Dr. Konnert focuses on clinical and social aspects of aging, particularly those older adults who are at greatest risk for poorer mental health and overall quality of life.
Sheri Madigan

Using a multi-method approach, Dr. Madigan’s research examines early determinants of children’s socio-cognitive development.

Melanie Noel

Dr. Noel's research expertise is in the area of children's anxiety/fear and pain memories as cognitive-affective mechanisms underlying trajectories of pediatric pain.
Kristin von Ranson

Dr. von Ranson's research focuses on eating disorders and related issues, including research on eating disorders as addictions and the science-practice gap in the treatment of eating disorders.
Hank Stam Dr. Stam is interested in both the history of and the theoretical foundations of psychology.
Lianne Tomfohr

Dr. Tomfohr is interested in relationships between psychological states and physical health, with a specific focus on health in the transition to parenthood.

Keith Yeates

Dr. Yeates aims to better understand the outcomes of childhood brain injury and influences on recovery, and thereby foster more effective treatment and management.