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Timothy Wingate

  • Doctoral Student
  • Ph.D. Psychology Students

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Research Activities


Published Peer-Reviewed Research

Wingate, T. G., Jones, S. J., Khakhar, M. K., & Bourdage, J. S. (2021). Speaking of allergies: Communication challenges for restaurant staff and customers. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 96, 102959.

Wilhelmy, A., Roulin, N., & Wingate, T. G. (2020). Does it take two to tango? Examining how applicants and interviewers adapt their impression management to each other. Journal of Business and Psychology, 35, 1-24.

Wingate, T. G., & Bourdage, J. S. (2019). Liar at first sight? Early impressions and interviewer judgments, attributions, and false perceptions of faking. Journal of Personnel Psychology, 18, 177-188.

Wingate, T. G., Lee, C. S., & Bourdage, J. S. (2019). Who helps and why? Contextualizing organizational citizenship behavior. Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science, 51, 147-158.

 Roulin, N., Bourdage, J. S., & Wingate, T. G. (2019). Who is conducting “better” employment interviews? Antecedents of structured interview component use. Personnel Assessment and Decisions, 5, 37-48.

 Wingate, T. G., & Tomes, J. L. (2017). Who’s getting the grades and who’s keeping them? A person-centered approach to academic performance and performance variability. Learning and Individual Differences, 56, 175-182.

 Griep, Y., Wingate, T. G., & Brys, C. (2017). Integrating psychological contracts and psychological ownership: The role of employee ideologies, organizational culture, and organizational citizenship behavior. In L. E. Van Zyl, & L. Van Der Vaart (Eds.), Psychological Ownership: Theoretical perspectives and applications for multi-cultural contexts. London, United Kingdom: Springer.



Public Talks & Articles

Wingate, T. G., Jones, S. K., Bourdage, J. S., & Khakhar, M. K. (2021, September). How restaurant staff and customers can talk about food allergies more effectively. Article on The Conversation Canada.

Wingate, T. G., & Jones, S. K. (2021, September). Speaking of allergies: Communication challenges for restaurant staff and customers. Guest speaker on Restaurant Relevance Podcast.

Bourdage, J. S. & Wingate, T. G. (2018, October). Fake it ‘till you make it? Understanding Faking Behavior and Perceptions in Job Interviews. Calgary Nerd Nite, Calgary, Canada.

Lukacik, R., Wingate, T. G., Law, S., Lee, C. S., & Bourdage, J. S. (2018, April). Master Manipulators. Panel Presentation for Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.

Bourdage, J. S., Lukacik, R., Law, S., & Wingate, T. G. (2016, April). Manipulation in Gaming. Panel Presentation for Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.



Awards & Recognitions

2018-21, Joseph-Armand Bombardier CGS Doctoral Scholarship, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council of Canada

2019, Experimental Psychology Research Award, University of Calgary

2018, Canadian Psychological Association Certificate of Academic Excellence (Master's Thesis)

2018, Teaching Assistant Award of Excellence, University of Calgary

2017, Visiting Student Researcher, University of Zürich, via Michael Smith Foreign Study Supplement

2013, Best Oral Presentation, 37th Annual Science Atlantic Undergraduate Psychology Conference, Halifax, Canada

2013, Psychology Award, Mount Allison University







  • MSc - Industrial & Organizational Psychology
    University of Calgary, 2017
  • BA (Hons) - Psychology
    Mount Allison University, 2013

Current Studies

  • Doctoral Student
    Degree: Doctor of Philosophy
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