University of Calgary

J. Lary Mosley

  • Professor Emeritus

Research Interests


My behavioural neuroscience research program addresses sex-related differences in human brain lateralization. The data suggest that neural plasticity may be influenced by the sex of the individual and, therefore, sex-related differences in brain lateralization may have implications for language acquisition, cognition, the etiology of certain clinical disorders possibly associated with atypical patterns of neural lateralization (e.g., developmental dyslexia), and for the clinical management of neural trauma and developmental disorders in which an extended period of neural plasticity (hemisphere equipotentiality) may be beneficial.

My developmental research program addresses the cognitive functioning of mildly retarded individuals. The research has, with the aid of various information processing paradigms, led to the formulation of a model of information processing which provides the conceptual framework for the examination of the memory deficits demonstrated by mildly retarded persons. Pivotal to this framework is the concept of selective attention.

Research Topics

Mental Retardation
Experimental Child Psychology
Human Behavior Genetics

Photograph of J.  Lary Mosley
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