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Donald Kline

  • Professor Emeritus of Psychology

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The research goals of the Vision and Aging Lab are to: 1.) Discover the neural and optical mechanisms underlying age-related visual change, 2.) Understand and ameliorate the impact of age-related visual loss on the performance of real-world tasks (e.g., driving, reading), and 3.) Determine the relationships between health, visual function, eye surgery and quality of life. In recent research, the evaluation of the neural and optical contributors to age-related visual loss has been advanced primarily through studies of aging effects on hyperacuity, the precise neurally-based discrimination of location or relative motion. Studies of the visual problems of older persons have been concerned largely with driving and the visual effectiveness of signs and visual displays. Image-processing techniques have been used to model these changes as well as to optimize display legibility distance. We have also initiated a research program to investigate the relationships between refractive surgery, lens replacement surgery, visual functioning, performance of everyday tasks, and quality of life. Students, undergraduate and graduate, are invited to the to become involved in research activities of the Vision and Aging Lab in any of these areas.

Research Support

Transport Canada
Gimbel Eye Foundation
Transportation Association of Canada


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