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Cara MacInnis

  • Adjunct Associate Professor

Research Interests

Currently Teaching

Not currently teaching any courses.

Research Interests

In general, I am interested in the way humans interact with one another in our diverse world, focusing on barriers to positive intergroup relations. All of my work is relevant to the study of negative attitudes toward groups, or prejudice, with most of my research falling into one of three overlapping lines of research:

  • Examining perceptions (e.g., dehumanization, meta-stereotypes), behaviours (e.g., avoidance of dissimilar others), and emotions (e.g., disgust) that negatively impact intergroup relations.
  • Examining intolerance-related socio-political orientations (e.g., authoritarianism, social dominance orientation, conservatism), both in terms of their correlates and consequences (e.g., sexual behaviour) and in terms of their impact on intergroup relations.
  • Examining potential means by which to overcome barriers to positive intergroup relations and reduce prejudice (e.g., cross-group contact). 


*I will be accepting applications for graduate students for Fall 2018

Representative Publications

• MacInnis, C.C., Page-Gould, E., & Hodson, G. (2017). Multilevel intergroup contact and anti-gay prejudice (explicit and implicit): Evidence of contextual contact benefits in a less visible group domain. Social Psychological and Personality Science, 8, 243-251.

• Hodson, G., MacInnis, C.C., & Busseri, M.A. (2017). Bowing and Kicking:Rediscovering the Fundamental Link Between Generalized Authoritarianism and Generalized Prejudice. Personality and Individual Differences, 104, 243-351.

• MacInnis, C.C. & Page-Gould, E. (2015). How can intergroup interaction be bad if intergroup contact is good? Exploring and reconciling an apparent paradox in the science of intergroup relations. Perspectives on Psychological Science, 10, 307-327.

• MacInnis, C.C. & Hodson, G. (2015). Do American states with more religious or conservative populations search more for sexual content on Google? Archives of Sexual Behavior, 44, 137-147.

• MacInnis, C.C., MacLean, M.H., & Hodson, G. (2014). Does “humanization” of the preborn explain why conservatives (vs. liberals) oppose abortion? Personality and Individual Differences, 59, 77-82.

• MacInnis, C.C. & Hodson, G. (2013). Is homophobia associated with an implicit same-sex attraction? Journal of Sex Research, 50, 777-785.

• MacInnis, C.C. & Hodson, G. (2013). Expecting racial outgroups to view “us” as biased: A social projection explanation of Whites’ bias meta-stereotypes. Group Processes and Intergroup Relations, 16, 545-559.

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