University of Calgary

Basia Ellis

  • Doctoral Student (ended on Sep 7, 2015)

Currently Teaching

Not currently teaching any courses.


In a broad sense, I am interested in the way experience achieves unique forms through culture. Assuming that we always find ourselves embedded within unique cultural surroundings, how do we navigate our contexts in order to construct unique life plans? Further, how is individual action constrained and enabled by culture? These and related questions have been central to the recently developed discipline of cultural psychology. Researchers in this discipline assume that culture is indispensible for psychological life and, employing a unique, social epistemology, they treat all psychological phenomena as dialectically emerging through cultural and individual tensions and contradictions. Accordingly, studying psychological phenomena means examining how they unfold via dynamic interplays of cultural symbols and practices. 

Adopting the cultural psychology approach, my research focuses on intercultural experience, which refers to the navigation of more than one cultural system. Specifically, I examine immigrant experience in Canada, seeking to understand how contemporary immigrants construct unique identities for themselves given their particular cultural backgrounds and intercultural settings.

Curriculum Vitae


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