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Welcome to the Intergroup Relations laboratory at the University of Calgary!

In this lab, we are interested in relations between people belonging to different social groups and categories (e.g., people belonging to different gender groups, racial groups, sexual orientation groups, national groups, and/or religious groups). Negative intergroup relations can lead to negative social consequences. Thus, our research focuses on understanding and overcoming barriers to positive intergroup relations. See RESEARCH and PUBLICATIONS for specific topics. 


(08.29.17) MSc student Elena Buliga has received a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Canada Graduate Scholarship- Master's. These scholarships are award to "high-calibre scholars" completing Master's programs. Congrats Elena!

(09.28.16) This past summer, we had the opportunity to host Maria Escobar, a visiting undergraduate student from St. Vincent College in PA through the SPSP SPUR program. Read more about SPUR here: