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This link will take you to a video that explains entering grades into the grade book in D2L:
If you look at the bottom of the video frame as it is playing, you will see a Table of Contents that you can use to skip ahead to just the part of the video you want to watch. Below the video is a link to a PDF that covers the same material, in case you don't want to watch the video.  There are also a number of related links. 

How to Export Final Grades in Excel 

How to Release Grades

Preparing Grades for Export

Setting up Gradebooks

Teaching Resources

Detecting Plagiarism

How to File a Charge of Plagiarism

Instructor Handbook

Plagiarism: Supporting Student Academic Integrity

Plagiarism: What it is and how to avoid it

Plagiarism Workshop

Preventing Plagiarism Workshop Handout

Undergraduate Student Research Handbook

Undergraduate Student-Supervisor Contract

Using Sources Effectively

Course Design, Assessment and Constructive Alignment

Course Outline Templates and Supporting Documents

Undergraduate Course Outline Template W20

Undergraduate Course Outline Template Red Deer W20

PSYC 499 Course Outline Template W20

PSYC 499 Midsession Report

PSYC 499 Final Report

Research Course Outline Template W20

PSYC 505 or 504 Feedback Form

Graduate Course Outline Template F'19

Curriculum Maps

Course Design Checklist

Psychology Teaching Triads

Faculty Resources

ARCHIBUS Work Request System

Absence from Campus Form

Calendar-Graduate Programs

Calendar-Undergraduate Programs

Collective Agreement-TUCFA

Faculty of Graduate Studies

Online Academic Document Management  

Postdoctoral Program

Template Based Hire (log in to MyUofC, see "My Work" tab)

University Holidays