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Social and Theoretical Psychology

Group of People The faculty members with research interests in Social and Theoretical Psychology share an interest in social and cultural relations as well as foundational and philosophical questions in psychology. Drawing on a range of theoretical perspectives and methodologies, including experimental and quantitative designs, qualitative research informed by postmodernist thought, and historical and archival approaches, we study topics in the areas of interpersonal relationships, social cognition, justice motivation, reactions to victimization, discourse analysis, the psychology of gender, and the history of psychology.
Faculty: Research Lab:
Susan Boon Relationships Lab
Mike Boyes Discourse Analysis Lab
John Ellard  
Cara MacInnis Intergroup Relations Lab
H. Lorraine Radtke Discourse Analysis Lab
Henderikus Stam  Discourse Analysis Lab
Social and Theoretical Psychology Graduate Students:
Collins, Brianne
Ellis, Basia
Moore, Jennifer
Rasmussen, Kyler
Ross, Rachel
Violato, Efrem
Wright, Joanna