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Brain and Cognitive Sciences


The members of Brain and Cognitive Science are interested in the mental processes and brain structures that are involved in movement, perception, learning, memory and understanding language. We study how these capabilities emerge during infancy, how they change as the brain matures and ages, and how they are affected when the brain is injured. Our goal is to understand behaviour and cognition at the level of neurons, networks of neurons and cognitive systems.
Faculty: Research Lab:
Mike Antle Chronobiology Lab
Richard Dyck Neural Development and Plasticity Lab
Susan Graham Language and Cognitive Development  Lab
Suzanne Hala Cognitive Development Laboratory
Giuseppe Iaria  NeuroLab
Sheri Madigan Determinants of Child Development Lab 
Daniel McGrath Substance Use and Gambling Lab
Penny Pexman Language Processing Lab
Andrea Protzner Brain Dynamics Lab
Christopher Sears Cognition and Emotion Laboratory
Brian Bland- Emeritus Hippocampal Electrophysiology Lab
Donald Kline - Emeritus The Vision & Aging Lab
Julia Kam
Brain and Cognitive Science Graduate Students:

Fitzpatrick, Chelsea

Heard, Alison

Mian, Jasmine 

Ritchie, Emma

Sidhu, David

Simmons, Sarah

Thackray, Sarah

Wang, Hongye

Wong, Ulric