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Clinical Research Labs

Treatment Research and Innovation in Psychology (TRIP) Clinic

The Program in Clinical Psychology was awarded the Canadian Foundation for Innovation and Government of Alberta grants. These grants initially awarded to Drs. Dobson, Hodgins and Konnert, led to the creation of a clinic, which has now become a Program resource for all faculty and students doing research to support the development and dissemination of evidence-based interventions. This space includes rooms in Education Block 286 and 292 to conduct innovative treatments, with high definition video capacity, advanced computing facilities, and to conduct research meetings.

Recent Graduate Theses


Taryn Bemister (2014) The Impact of Perinatal Stroke on Parents and Families. (Supervisor - Richard Dyck)

Michaela Zverina (2014) Men's and Women's Abuse Talk in Group Therapy: A Discourse Analysis. (Supervisor - Hank Stam)

Sandra Young (2014) Psychosocial Variables and REcovery from Coronary Artery Bypass Graft Surgery in Men and Women. (Supervisor - Tavis Campbell)

Lauren Walker (2013) A Psycho-Education Intervention to Help Men with Prostate Cancer Adapt to Androgen Deprivation Therapy (Supervisor - John Robinson)

Johnathan Stea (2013) Recovery from Cannabis Use Disorders: Abstinence versus Moderation and Treatment-Assisted Recovery versus Natural Recovery (Supervisor - David Hodgins)

Amanda Epp (2013) Cognitive Vulnerability to Depression: Investigating the Role of Culture (Supervisor - Keith Dobson)

Jared Berman (2013) Preschoolers' Use of Vocal Affect as a Cue to Referential Intent (Supervisor - Susan Graham)

Heather MacKenzie (2013) The Influence of Context and Form in 12-Month-Olds' Sound Object Associations (Supervisor - Susan Graham)

Yvonne Tieu (2013) Predictors of Mental Health Help-seeking Attitudes among Older Chinese Immigrants. (Supervisor - Candace Konnert)

Philip Masson (2012) A Randomized Wait-List Controlled Tria of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy Guided Self-Help for Recurrent Binge Eating: A Pilot Study. (Supervisor - Kristin von Ranson)

Laurie Ching (2012) Cognitive Reactivity in Depression: Examining a Hypothesis of Depressive Relapse. (Supervisor - Keith Dobson)

Jessica McLachlan (2012) The Relationship of Negative Affect, Coping, and Alcohol Expectancies to Binge Drinking in University Students. (Supervisor - Shawn Currie)

Kristin Rostad (2012) To Eat the Cookie or Not to Eat the Cookie: That is the Question.  Children's Understanding of Conflicting Desires. (Supervisor - Penny Pexman)

Terri-Lynn MacKay (2012) Problem Gambling Risk Factors in Internet and Non-Internet Gamblers. (Supervisor - David Hodgins)

Sheila Garland (2012) Non parmacological treatment of insomnia in cancer patients: A randomized controlled non-inferiority trial investigating mindfulness-based and cognitive-behavioral approaches. (Supervisor - Linda Carlson)

Rachel Martin (2012) Reducing stigma against depression: Evaluation of a metacognitive intervention targeting processes of stigmatization. (Supervisor - Keith Dobson)

Erin Moss (2012) Adding Motivational Interviewing to Behavioral Weight Loss Treatment: A Randomized Controlled Trial. (Supervisor - Kristin von Ranson)

Laura Labelle (2012) How Does Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Improve Psychological Functioning in Cancer Patients? (Supervisor - Tavis Campbell)

Andrea Beck (2011) Couples' Maintenance of Sexual Intimacy After Treatment for Prostate Cancer: A Grounded Theory Study. (Supervisor - John Robinson)

Jenny Horch (2011) Problem Gambling Stigma: Stereotypes, Labels, Self-Stigma, and Treatment-Seeking. (Supervisor - David Hodgins)

Jean Keates (2011) Infants Transfer Nonobvious Properties from Picture Books to Real-World Objects. (Supervisor - Susan Graham)

Nicole Peden (2011) The Efficacy of Individual Community Reinforcement and Family Training (CRAFT) with Concerned Significant Others of Problem Gamblers. (Supervisor - David Hodgins)

Sarah Watkins (2011) Infidelity in Dating Relationships: Undergraduate Students' Unrealistic Expectations Regarding the Likelihood that their Partners are Unfaithful. (Supervisor - Susan Boon)

Brenda Key (2010) The Influence of Rumination, Distraction and Mindfulness on Cardiovascular recovery from Stress.  (Supervisor - Tavis Campbell)

Lauren Allen (2010) Rumination and Reflection: An Investigation of Self-focus, Metacognition and Coping Styles in Depression.  (Supervisor - Keith Dobson)

Jerilyn Ninowski (2010) Early Temperament and Emotion Regulation in Infants at Familial Risk for ADHD: The Role of Maternal Parenting.  (Supervisor - Eric Mash)

Amy Wojtowicz (2009) Weighing in on Risk Factors for Body Dissatisfaction: A Prospective Study of Adolescent Girls.  (Supervisor - Kristin von Ranson)

Martin Scherrer (2009) Predictors and Cognitive Consequences of a Negative Mood Induction Procedure: The Development of Depressed Mood Across Diagnostic Categories.  (Supervisor - Keith Dobson)

Nathaniel Will Shead (2009) Affect-regulation Expectancies Among Gamblers.  (Supervisor - David Hodgins)

Heather Jacques (2008) Young Women's Identity Construction: Multiple Roles and Ideals of Womanhood.  (Supervisor - Lorrie Radtke)

Alice Holub (2008) The Structure of Impulsivity in Pathological Gambling.  (Supervisor - David Hodgins)


Jennifer Swan (2014) The Evaluation of an Internet-based Self-Directed Motivational Enhancement Intervention for Problem and Pathological Gamblers. (Supervisor - David Hodgins)

Jennifer Prentice (2014) Conceptualizing Stigma: The Development and Preliminary Validation of a Cross-Cultural Scale to Measure Stigma Related to Depression. (Supervisor - Keith Dobson)

Michael Spilka (2014) A functional neuroimaging family study of facial emotion perception in schizophrenia. (Supervisor - Vina Goghari)

Liza Mastikhina (2014) Attentional retraining in dysphoric and non-dysphoric individuals. (Supervisor - Keith Dobson)

Jacqueline Beatch (2014) Temporal Synchrony in the Processing of Social Stimuli: Bimodal Integration in Autism Spectrum Disorder. (Supervisor - Suzanne Curtin)

Briana Cassetta (2014) Theory of Mind Reasoning and its Relationship to Executive and Social Functioning in 10-Year-Olds.  (Supervisor - Vina Goghari)

Caitlin Wright (2013) Attentional Control and Trait Anxiety: Does Working Memory Capacity Moderate Performance on the Antisaccade Task? (Supervisor - Christopher Sears)

Linette Savage (2013) Near and Far Transfer of Working Memory Training Related Gains in Healthy Adults (Supervisor - Vina Goghari)

Codie Roleau (2013) Insomnia Symptoms, Affective Response to Exercise, and Exercise Adherence Among Patients Enrolled in Cardiac Rehabilitation (Supervisor - Tavis Campbell)

Sarah Farstad (2013) Relationships Among Negative Affect, Impulsiveness, Disordered Eating and Problem Gambling in Males and Females Across the Lifespan (Supervisor - Kristin von Ranson)

Ena Vukatana (2013) Early Inductive reasoning: Examining 11-Month-Olds' Abilities (Supervisor - Susan Graham)

Cameron Clark (2012) Analysis of Face Gaze in Schizophrenia: Use of Facial Features and Spatial Frequencies. (Supervisor - Vina Goghari)

Jennifer Ference (2012) The Developmental Progression of Rhythmical Processing in Speech and How it Influences Early Word Learning. (Supervisor - Suzanne Curtin)

Melanie Khu (2012) Learning from picture books: The effect of naming on infants' transfer of nonobvious properties. (Supervisor - Susan Graham)

Igor Yakovenko (2012) Cognitive mechanisms in gambling: The temporal relationship between cognitive distortions and gambling involvement. (Supervisor - David Hodgins)

Leanne Quigley (2012) Cognitive Inhibition and its Relation to Emotion REgulation in Dysphoria. (Supervisor - Keith Dobson)

Sarah Collins (2011) Preschoolers' sensitivity to speaker action constraints to infer communicative intent. (Supervisor - Susan Graham

Irene Liu (2011) Age and gender differences in various topographical orientation strategies. (Supervisor - Giuseppe Iaria)

Kristin Newman (2011) Cognitive Vulnerability in Previously Depressed Individuals: The Impact of a Negative Mood Induction on Attentional Biases. (Supervisor - Chris Sears)

Ana Petrovic-Poljak (2011) Sense of community in continuing care: The views of family caregivers of military veteran elderly. (Supervisor - Candace Konnert)

Charmaine Thomas (2011) Attentional Biases to Threat in Individuals with Symptoms of PTSD: A Time Course Analysis. (Supervisor - Chris Sears)

Laurel Wallace (2011) Perceptions and Use of Empirically-Supported Psychotherapies among Eating Disorder Professionals. (Supervisor - Kristin von Ranson)

Ulric Wong (2011) Development of a video game addiction assessment for adults using the construct validation method. (Supervisor - David Hodgins)

Taryn Bemister (2010) The Role of Microglia Following Brain Injury (Supervisor - Richard Dyck)

Kara Irwin (2010) Analysis of the Relationship Between Symptoms of Porttraumatic Stress and Pain in Veterans (Supervisor - Candace Konnert)

Elicia Miller (2010) Mothering and IPA; A Discourse Analysis (Supervisor - Lorraine Radtke)

Shady Beshai (2010) Cognition and Depression in Canada and Egypt: Examining the Cognitive Triad.  (Supervisor - Keith Dobson)

Jonathan Stea (2010) The Relationship Between Lack of Control and Illusory Pattern Perception Among At-Risk Gamblers and At-Risk Cannabis Users.  (Supervisor - David Hodgins)

Andrea Stevenson (2009) An Investigation of the Benefits of Stress Management Within a Cardiac Rehabilitation Population.  (Supervisor - Tavis Campbell)

Phillip Masson (2009) Exploring Impulsiveness: Comparisons Between Women with Binge Eating Disorder and Women with Alcohol Dependence.  (Supervisor - Kristin von Ranson)

Kristin Zernicke (2009) Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction For The Treatment Of Irritable Bowel Syndrome Symptoms: A Randomized Waitlist Controlled Trial.  (Supervisor - Tavis Campbell)

Lauren Walker (2009) Heterosexual Couples' Adjustment to Androgen Deprivation Therapy for Prostate Cancer.  (Supervisor - John Robinson)

Heather MacKenzie (2009) Ooh! Aah! Do 12-Month-Olds Privilege Words In An Associative Learning Task?  (Supervisors - Susan Graham and Suzanne Curtin)

Jared Berman (2009) Preschoolers' Appreciation of Speaker Affect as a Cue to a Speaker's Intentions.  (Supervisor - Susan Graham)

Michaela Zverina (2009) Managing Victim Status: A Discursive Investigation of Self-Identified Male Victims of Intimate Partner Abuse in Group Therapy.  (Supervisor - Hank Stam)

Amanda Epp (2008) The Stroop Task in Depression: A Meta-Analysis.  (Supervisor - Keith Dobson)

Yvonne Tieu (2008) Depression Literacy Among Middle-Aged and Elderly Chinese.  (Supervisor - Candace Konnert)

Laurie Ching (2008) An Investigation of Extreme Responding as a Mediator of Cognitive Therapy for Depression.  (Supervisor - Keith Dobson)

Research Resources