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Clinical Training

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Practicum and Clinical Residency

All practicum courses must be completed as part of the degree requirements for the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees.

All students will complete approximately 1,200 hours of supervised practicum experience. This requirement exceeds the 600 hours required by the Canadian Psychological Association for doctoral level training, but is intended to ensure that students’ applications for residency are competitive.

Practicum Settings

Practicum placements serve a variety of ages and populations. Typically, placements are available through hospitals, community clinics, and specialty clinics in Alberta Health Services, as well as other private and non-profit agencies. Students should consult with the Practicum Coordinator for more information about practicum placements.

Practicum Coordinator

The Practicum Coordinator acts as a liaison between the Program in Clinical Psychology and practicum settings.

The coordinator is responsible for:

  1. Identifying potential supervisors and disseminating this information to Program students
  2. Monitoring the progress of students in practicum settings
  3. Maintaining a record of the total number of supervised clinical hours obtained by each Program student
  4. Providing practicum settings with students' feedback regarding their practicum experiences
  5. The development of new practicum placements
  6. Familiarizing Clinical Supervisors with the policies and practices of the Program

Clinical Residency

Students are expected to go on clinical residency in years three or four of their Ph.D. To be eligible for internship, students must have completed their Candidacy exams, completed all course work, and at a minimum, successfully defended their dissertation proposals. In accordance with CPA accreditation criteria, clinical psychology students are required to complete a competitive, full-time, year-long clinical training experience - clinical residency or clinical internship.

Students will preferably be placed in CPA and/or APA accredited residency programs or the equivalent.

Practicum Forms

Clinical Test Library

Clinical Test Library Lending Information

The Clinical Test Library's primary purpose is to facilitate training of graduate students enrolled in the Department of Psychology’s Clinical Psychology Program, and its secondary purpose is to facilitate research in the Department of Psychology.

Students, faculty, adjunct faculty, and clinical supervisors in the Department of Psychology may borrow Clinical Test Library materials for student training and research purposes.  Note that access is limited to protected test materials.

PLEASE NOTE: The Clinical Test Library accepts Canadian cash only.

IMPORTANT: As of November, 2015, the Clinical Test Library only lends materials to users who are currently affiliated with the Department of Psychology. Those unaffiliated with the Department of Psychology, including community members, are no longer permitted to borrow Test Library materials. Please contact the Test Librarian with any questions about this policy.

The Clinical Test Library Policy can be consulted here.


Test Librarian Contact Information


Jessica Cooke

403-210-8448 or