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Application Process

Advice to Students Considering the Honours Program

Application Process

Admission Decisions

How do I Apply?

Advice to Students Considering the Honours Program

Students intending to apply to the Honours program should contact the Psychology Department in the Fall session prior to their formal application to determine their eligibility for the program. Please see our Contact page for details on how to reach us.

Recent Honours Theses Topics can be lent out to interested students from the Psyc Main office in room 255 of the Administration building. This will give you an idea as to the breadth and depth of research undertaken.


Application Process

The deadline to apply to the Honours program for Fall 2020 admission is January 23, 2020 (late applications cannot be accepted).

ALL components of the application MUST be submitted electronically.

The honours application form, transcript(s), statement of interest, and academic CV must all be sent as attachments via email to by the January 23, 2020 deadline. (applications are not submitted via peoplesoft)

Link to honours application form PDF

Link to honours applications (WORD)


Admission Decisions

The Department attempts to make decisions and to notify students of the success of their applications by the beginning of March. 


How do I apply to the Honours program in Psychology?

         Ensure that you meet the admission criteria:

  1. at least 72 units or 12.0 full-course equivalents (FCE) completed at the time of application;
  2. minimum grade-point average (GPA) of 3.4 over the most recent 42 units (7.0 FCE);
  3. minimum GPA of 3.4 over all Psychology courses included in the most recent 30 units (5.0 FCE);
  4. minimum grade of B+ average in PSYC 300 & 301 or  in PSYC 312 (or 407, 411 or 415);
  5. no F's over the most recent 5.0 FCE;
  6. all remaining graduation requirements for the BA/BSc Honours degree can be completed during the following Fall/Winter registration period;
  7. eligible thesis supervisor willing to supervise the honours thesis and resources available to complete the thesis
  8. minimum cumulative GPA of 3.3 over all major courses (PSYC courses) applicable towards the completion of the degree requirements to graduate with honours. Please see the calendar information for this
  9. If you are following the F18 regulations you need to have at least 3 units from PSYC 400, 415, 425, 427, 430, 478, 504 or 505 completed.  Please see the Psychology Department if you will not have this completed in time.

Note: Admission to the Honours Program is competitive, and students meeting these minimum qualifications are not guaranteed admission to the program.

For instructions on how to calculate your GPA, see the FAQ page of our Student Support center.

Note: GPA calculated for purposes of admission does not include grades from the Winter session in which the application is made.

2. Submit ALL components of the application package  via email to by January 23, 2020 (late applications cannot be accepted).


    • The subject of your application email should read “Honours application” followed by your First and Last name and UCID.
    • All files MUST be in Portable Document Format (.pdf) OR in Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx) format. 
    • All file names MUST contain your Last name and UCID along with a description of the file. i.e., Honours Application – John Doe 10011101.pdf
    • All files should be attached to the same email.

The honours application package consists of:

a) Honours Application and Program Checklist Form. Fill out the Honours Application (PDF), or Honours Application (WORD) or save it to your computer, and send it as an attachement, along with the other components of the application in one email to

NOTE: Your file name should read “Honours application – your full name and UCID"

b) Transcript(s).

  • Direct Admit High School Student and Transfer . Please send in a unofficial PDF of your transcripts, you should be able to get this via your Student Centre.
  • After-Degree (Second Degree) Student. After-Degree students admitted to Psychology as their second undergraduate degree are required to submit a transcript from all post-secondary institutions attended. In addition, it is important that After-Degree students submit a copy of their After-Degree Assessment Form which you recieved from the Arts Students' Centre. If you do not have this form, please make an appointment with an advisor at the Arts Students' Centre.  The UofC transcript does NOT need to be included.
NOTE: Your file name(s) should read “Lastname and UCID and Transcript (name of institution)”

c) Curriculum Vitae. A Curriculum Vitae is similar to a Resume that you might create to find summer employment, but it is more academically oriented. Highlight relevant education, work, and volunteer experience. Include any academic awards or honours that you have received (i.e., scholarships or medals). UofC’s Career Services has detailed information on how to write a CV.Check out their website or drop by their office in MacEwan Student Centre, room 188. You can also find information online or at your local library.

NOTE: Your file name should read “Lastname, UCID and CV”