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Recent Graduate Theses


Jody Arndt (2014) The role of positive attention bias in resiliency to negative mood states. (Supervisor - Keith Dobson)

Glenn Yamakawa (2014) Non-photic phase shifting: Acetylcholine and Arousal. (Supervisor - Mike Antle)

Patrick Wu (2013) Synaptic zinc and sensory processing in the laboratory mouse.  (Supervisor - Richard Dyck)

Victoria Smith (2013) Serotonergic enhancement of photic phase shifts: Underlying locations and mechanisms of action. (Supervisor - Mike Antle)

Ian Hargreaves (2013) Constructing meaning: Task demands and the time course of lexical and semantic processing invisual word recognition. (Supervisor - Penny Pexman)

Brooke Rakai (2013) Circadian Influences on Brain Damage, Regeneration, and Neurogenisis (Supervisor - Mike Antle)

Catie Phillips (2013) Children's Understanding of Antonymy (Supervisor - Penny Pexman)

Mark Huff (2013) Is Variety the Spice of Memory? Evaluating the Encoding Variability Hypothesis (Supervisor - Glen Bodner)

Nicole Burnett (2013) Learnin' 'Bout My Generation: The Effects of Generation on Encoding, Recall, and Metamemory (Supervisor - Glen Bodner)

Juanita Whalen (2013) Speaker Information as a Cue to Irony Perception in Middle childhood (Supervisor - Penny Pexman)

Patricia Muir (2012) Evoked potential correlates of temporal auditory processing disorders and developmental language delay in school aged children. (Supervisor - Jos Eggermont)

K. Eddie Sheppard (2012) An Investigation of the Dissolution of Romantic Relationship: The Impact of Affective Forecasting, Attachment, and Coping. (Supervisor - Susan boon)

Joshua Bourdage (2012) Impression Management in the Interview: An Investigation of Personality, Impression Management, Interview Structure, and Interview Performance. (Supervisor - Kibeom Lee)

Dane Burns (2012) Discovering Dewey: An Historical Investigation of Early American Psychology. (Supervisor - Hank Stam)

Amy Henderson (2011) The effect of electrical stimulation on behaviour and brain. (Supervisor - Cam Teskey)

Amy Nakashima (2011) Characterization of the experience-dependent regulation of vesicular zinc in the cerebral cortex. (Supervisor - Richard Dyck)

Jennifer Nicol (2011) Corporate Social Responsibility and Employee Engagement: A Justice Perspective. (Supervisor - Theresa Kline)

Roxanne Sterniczuk (2011) An examination of the functional role of gastrin-releasing neuropeptide within the circadian clock. (Supervisor - Mike Antle)

Anomi Bearden (2010) The Belief in a Just World: Terror Management Defense Mechanism or Autonomous Motive?  (Supervisor - John Ellard)

Calvin Young (2010) Electrical Stimulation of the Posterior Hypothalamic Nucleus. (Supervisor - Brian Bland)

Babatunde Ogunfowora (2009) The Consequences Of Ethical Leadership: Comparisons With Transformational Leadership and Abusive Supervision.  (Supervisor - Kibeom Lee)

 Amanda Bolton (2009) Individual Differences in the Effects of Playing Violent Video Games: Specific Play Rehearsals and Changes in Aggression.  (Supervisor - John Ellard)

Alishia Alibhai (2009) An Eye for an Eye and a Tooth For a Tooth: An Investigation Into What Makes Revenge Satisfying.  (Supervisor - Susan Boon)

Julie E.A. Quinn (2008) Embodied Lives: Women in Physical Occupations Talk about their Bodies.  (Supervisor - Lorrie Radtke)

Nicole A. Young (2008) Motor Maps, Development and Seizures.  (Supervisor - Cam Teskey)

Chelsea R. Willness (2008) Image Generalization and the Applicant Phases of Recruitment and Job Search.  (Supervisor - Derek Chapman)

Joseph Schmidt (2008) Personality, Group Context and Performance Behaviors in University Football Teams.  (Supervisor - Kibeom Lee)

Daniel Hufnagle (2008) Input Cues Affecting the Organization of Grammatical Knowledge in Early Acquisition.  (Supervisor - Suzanne Curtin)

Audny Dypvik (2008) Categorization of Speech Sounds by Norwegian/English Bilinguals.  (Supervisors - Don Kline and Suzanne Curtin)


Efrem Violato (2014) The Role of the Justice Motive in Reactions to Illness and Injury. (Supervisor - John Ellard)

Anna Singleton (2014) The Development of Complex Motor Maps Using Long Duration Intracortical Microstimulation (LD-ICMS) in Rats. (Supervisor - Cam Teskey)

Julie Choi (2014) Development and Validation of the Workplace Social Dominance Orientation Scale. (Supervisor - Kibeom Lee)

Sam Chow (2014) A Novel Approach to Recruitment: Gamification. (Supervisor - Derek Chapman)

Sabine Syffarth (2014) For the Win: Brain Signal Variability as a Measure of Expertise in Competitive Scrabble Players. (Supervisor - Andrea Protzner)

Stephanie Law (2014) Examining the effect of warning instructions in the interview. (Supervisor - Tom O'Neill)

Alex Taikh (2014) Effects of levels-of-processing and test-list context on recognition and pupil dilation. (Supervisor - Glen Bodner)

David Sidhu (2014) Priming boubas and kikis: Searching for a sound symbolic priming effect. (Supervisor - Penny Pexman)

Kate Johnston (2014) Hazard Perception in Emergency Service Responders. (Supervisor - Chip Scialfa)

Jessica Jones (2014) An Evaluation of Self-Monitoring Blood Glucose (SMBG) Meters. (Supervisor - Jeff Caird)

Brendan McAllister (2013) The effects of fluoxetine treatment following injury of medial frontal cortex in mice. (Supervisor - Richard Dyck)

Ford Burles (2013) The contribution of mental imagery to topographical orientation. (Supervisor - Giuseppe Iaria)

Aimee Pearson (2013) Effects of Regular and Irregular Video Game Experience on High Risk Driving Behaviour. (Supervisor - Jeff Caird)

Jill Johnson (2013) A Pilot Trial of Light Therapy on Fatigue, Mood, Sleep Quality, and Quality of Life in Individuals with Post-Treatment Cancer-Related Fatigue (Supervisor - Tavis Campbell)

Rachel Ross (2013) Putting the Pieces Together: A Proposed Model of Unforgiveness (Supervisor - Susan Boon)

Ryan Jeffers (2013) The Involvement of the Intergeniculate Leaflet in the Potentiation of Photic Phase Shifts by the 5-HT1A Mixed Agonist/Antagonist BMY7378 (Supervisor - Mike Antle)

Dave Mayers (2013) Personal, Organizational and Interactional Determinants of Employee Turnover: A Longitudinal Study Testing a New Model of Voluntary Employee Turnover (Supervisor - Derek Chapman)

Luyao Xiu (2013) Relationships Between Core Self-Evaluation, Perception of Group Potency, and Job Performance: The Critical Role of Individual Cultural Orientations (Supervisors - Kibeom Lee / Tom O'Neill)

Kyler Rasmussen (2013) Vengeful Decisions: The Role of Perceived Effectiveness and Costliness of Revenge (Supervisor - Susan Boon)

Jill Pattison (2013) A Just and Trusting Culture: Identification of Enhancers and Hindrances (Supervisor - Theresa Kline)

Aiden Arnold (2012) Inter-Individual Variability in Spatial Orientation: A Neural Netowrk Perspective. (Supervisor - Giuseppe Iaria)

Brianne Collins (2012) Ontario's Leucotomy Program: The Roles of Patient, Physician, and Profession. (Supervisor - Hank Stam)

Rowan Sciban (2012) Self-Esteem and Revenge in Romantic Relationships. (Supervisor - Susan Boon)

Nikki Cornell (2012) Organization culture incongruence and employee outcomes: Examining the effects of organizational value importance, self-esteem, and stress. (Supervisor - Derek Chapman)

John Lyon (2011) The Effect of Age on the Contextual Cuing Effect: An Investigation into Recognition Memory. (Supervisor - Chip Scialfa)

Renata Godlewski (2011) Predicting Early Voluntary Turnover in Canadian Forces Recruits. (Supervisor - Theresa Kline)

Veronika Kiryanova (2011) Behavioural Outcomes of Mice Perinatally Exposed to Fluoxetine. (Supervisor - Richard Dyck)

Jennifer Moore (2011) Single women at mid-life: A discourse analysis. (Supervisor - Lorrie Radtke)

Nicole Percival (2011) Evaluating Automated External Defibrillation. (Supervisor - Jeff Caird)

Jocelyn Wiltshire (2011) Exploring Potential Moderators of the Relationship between Perception of Organizational Politics and its Outcomes. (Supervisor - Kibeom Lee)

Megan Kendall (2010) Who Cares About Fitting In?  An Examination of the Personality Moderators of the P-O Fit To Workplace Outcomes Relationship (Supervisor - Derek Chapman)

Aaron Brown (2010) Re-examining Dissociations of Remembering and Knowing: Orthogonal Judgements vs Independent Scales (Supervisor - Glen Bodner)

Brenda Nguyen (2010) Exploring the Self-Other Agreement in Personality Among Coworkers (Supervisor - Kibeom Lee)

Lee-Ann McKay (2010) The Effect of Elaboration Strategy Training On Source Monitoring Ability: An Investigation of Strategy Deficiencies in Preschool Children. (Supervisor - Suzanne Hala)

Basia Ellis (2010) Embodied Existence and Language: A Study of Experience Through Merleau-Ponty and Ricoer.  (Supervisor - Hank Stam)

Shaunna Milloy (2010) Effects of Experience on Hazard Perception of Novice Teen Drivers and Experienced Drivers.  (Supervisor - Jeff Caird)

Robert Crooks (2010) Pharmacological Investigations Into the Modulation of Hippocampal Theta Activity by the Median Raphe Nucleus.  (Supervisor - Brian Bland)

Jennifer Vuong (2010) Neurovascular Responses to Kindled Seizures.  (Supervisor - Cam Teskey)

Glenn Yamakawa (2009) Raphe Modulation of Circadian Phase.  (Supervisor - Mike Antle)

Cody Tousignant (2009) Putting Beauty in Context: The Influence of Context Beauty on Beauty Ratings.  (Supervisor - Glen Bodner)

Kenneth Sheppard (2009) Adjustment Following Non-Marital Relational Dissolution: A Longitudinal Examination of the Impact of Coping and Post-Dissolution Relationships.  (Supervisor - Susan Boon)

Lana Ozen (2008) The Effects of Callosal Low-Frequency Stimulation on Hippocampal Kindling and Neocortical Motor Maps.  (Supervisor - Cam Teskey)

Rehman Mulji (2008) Mechanisms of Intentional and Unintentional Forgetting.  (Supervisor - Glen Bodner)

Catherine Phillips (2008) The Behavioural Phenotype of Mice Following Neonatal or Adult Lesions of the Medial Frontal Cortex.  (Supervisor - Richard Dyck)

Victoria Smith (2008) The Role of the 5-HT1A Receptor in Normal and Enhanced Responses of the Mouse Circadian Clock to Light.  (Supervisor - Mike Antle)

Courtney Chasin (2008) Friends Constructing Friendship: A Discourse Analysis.  (Supervisor - Lorrie Radtke)

Joshua Bourdage (2008) Good Citizens Versus Good Actors: Exploring the Motivational Pathways of Organizational Citizenship Behaviour.  (Supervisor - Kibeom Lee)

Dana Wheatley (2008) Age Differences in Attentional Capture with Two Concurrent Tasks.  (Supervisor - Chip Scialfa)

Ian Hargreaves (2008) Get Rich Quick: Effects of Relative Semantic Richness on the Time Course of Visual Word Recognition.  (Supervisor - Penny Pexman)

Amber Kulczycki (2008) An Experimental Investigation of Situational and Personality Antecedents of Personal Relative Deprivation.  (Supervisor - John Ellard)