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Submitted by kemacklo on Tue, 09/13/2016 - 3:23pm

PSYCHS is a Student Union sanctioned club that helps students connect with other psychology majors and be successful in both their academic pursuits and social life in university.

Why should you join PSYCHS?

PSYCHS provides an excellent opportunity to make new friends in your degree program, learn valuable information about the degree and career options, and have fun amongst the stresses of your academic load.

Membership for a full year is $5, and provides you access to an office in the administration building on campus, plus many events throughout the year. 

What can you do in the office?

  • Open Monday to Friday, 10 am – 3 pm
  • Comfy couches to relax or study between classes
  • Two computers with access to the internet, SPSS, and printing
  • We have a microwave and kettle you can use at any time
  • Snacks for sale (cheaper with a membership!):
    - A variety of chips and chocolate bars
    -Coffee, tea, and pop
  • Gain first notice of job and volunteer opportunities
  • An executive will always be in the office during the day for any questions you might have
  • We offer the use of the DSM-V while in the office and other literature such as GRE prep books

What are the Events?

Academic Events!

PSYCHS’ academic events are intended to guide students in their academic career and help them discover what they want to do after their undergraduate degree.

  1. Survival 101: This 1 hour seminar is lead by undergraduate students who will share tips that they wished they knew earlier in their degree.
  2. Graduate School Seminar: This 2 hour seminar is hosted by either graduate students or graduate administration personnel, and the focus is on helping students decide if graduate school is the right choice for them and provides information about the application process.
  3. Life After Bachelors: This event provides students an opportunity to ask graduate students any questions they may have about life after their undergraduate degree as well as specifics regarding the different types of graduate programs.
  4. Meet Your Professor: A networking event where students can meet their professors!
  5. What To Do With Your Degree: This seminar provides students with career options for those with a bachelor’s degree in psychology, outside of graduate school.  

Social Events!

PSYCHS’ social events are aimed at creating a close community of students who can support each other and have some fun together amongst the stresses of their academic life.

  1. Graduate and Undergraduate Networking Fundraiser: All PSYCHS members and graduate students will be invited to purchase a ticket to the fundraiser to network and enjoy a classy night out downtown.
  2. Pizza Fridays: On the last Friday of every month, we will order pizza for all members, so come down to our office for a free lunch!
  3. Nacho Night: Once each semester, everyone is invite to The Den for free nachos and various other snacks.
  4. Games Nights: We will have an evening once a semester full of games with prizes for the winners.

Mentoring Program

New this year, we will be offering an opportunity for first and second year psychology students to be mentored by later year students. If you have any questions about the program itself, or just want some advice, this will be very helpful! Another opportunity for students further along in their degree is to be mentored by a graduate student in a U of C graduate program to gain insights into if graduate school is for you!

How Do I Join?

If you would like to become a member, please stop by Administration 130 any time during our hours with $5 and we will sign you up! If you have more questions or want to stay updated on the opportunities offered by PSYCHS, please follow us on social media!

Contact PSYCHS




Phone and Email:
(403) 220 – 5567