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Welcome to the Vision & Aging Lab (VAL) Web Site

The research and training activities of the Vision & Aging Lab include 1.) the study of the neural and optical mechanisms underlying age-related visual change, 2.) the impact of visual change on the lives of aging persons, and 3.) the relationships between visual health, eye surgery, and well-being. The Lab part of the Departments of Psychology (PACE Program) and Surgery (Ophthalmology), and is associated with the Lions Sight Centre in School of Medicine.

The links in the navigation menu to the left will provide access to a growing list of tutorials on vision science, as well as to information about the research and training activities in our Lab.

My deep appreciation is extended to my student colleagues whose skill, creativity, and dedicated effort made possible the tutorials that appear on this site: Lisa Bergerman, Eliana Coldham, Kevin Connolly, Vanessa Cooney, Russ Fee, Rae Kokotailo, Lisa Lynk, Monica De Maria, Manpreet Rai, Marcela Salamanca, Janess Shorten, and Brian Wagner. Their goodwill, friendship, and inspired commitment to this project and to the students who will follow them, made this a deeply rewarding shared "voyage of discovery".

We hope that you find your visit to be a positive experience. Any suggestions for enhancing this site are welcomed.

Don Kline

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Don Kline

Departments of Psychology & Surgery (Ophthalmology)