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Research Interests

Name Research Interests
Photograph of Michael Antle Michael Antle Behavioral Neuroscience, Circadian Rhythms, Neuropharmacology
Photograph of Donald Alexander Bakal Donald Alexander Bakal Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology, Behavioral Medicine
Photograph of Glen Bodner Glen Bodner Memory, Cognitive Psychology
Photograph of Susan Boon Susan Boon Interpersonal Relationships, Social Psychology, Social Cognition
Photograph of Joshua Bourdage Joshua Bourdage Industrial-Organizational Psychology
Photograph of Melissa Boyce Melissa Boyce Memory, Decision Making, Social Cognition
Photograph of Jeff K. Caird Jeff K. Caird Traffic Safety, Aging, Healthcare Human Factors, Transportation Human Factors, Patient Safety
Photograph of Brandy Callahan Brandy Callahan Aging, Neuroimaging, Psychometrics, Neurodegenerative Disorders, Neuropsychology
Photograph of Derek Chapman Derek Chapman Selection, Industrial-Organizational Psychology, Recruiting
Photograph of Roderick Cooper Roderick Cooper Vision, Behavioral Neuroscience
Photograph of Suzanne Curtin Suzanne Curtin Psycholinguistics, Speech, Child Psychology, Cognitive Development
Photograph of Deborah Dobson Deborah Dobson Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Anxiety Disorders
Photograph of Keith Dobson Keith Dobson Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Clinical Psychology, Psychopathology, Depression
Photograph of Bruce E. Dunn Bruce E. Dunn Auditory processing
Photograph of Richard Dyck Richard Dyck Neuropharmacology, Cortical Plasticity, Behavioral Neuroscience, Aging, Neurogenerative Disorders, Stroke
Photograph of Jos Eggermont Jos Eggermont Cortical Plasticity, Hearing
Photograph of John Ellard John Ellard Social Psychology
Photograph of Gregory Fouts Gregory Fouts Child Psychology, Adolescent Psychology, Social Psychology
Photograph of Susan Graham Susan Graham Child Psychology, Cognitive Development, Language Processing
Photograph of Suzanne Hala Suzanne Hala Child Psychology, Cognitive Development, Autism
Photograph of David Hodgins David Hodgins Clinical Psychology, Addictive Behaviours, Gambling
Photograph of Giuseppe Iaria Giuseppe Iaria Memory, Neuropsychology, Cognitive Neuroscience, Neuroimaging
Photograph of Donald Kline Donald Kline Traffic Safety, Aging, Health, Aging, and Human Factors, Human Factors, Perception, Vision
Photograph of Theresa Kline Theresa Kline Attitudes, Psychometrics, Decision Making
Photograph of Candace Konnert Candace Konnert Clinical Psychology, Aging
Photograph of Vedran Lovic Vedran Lovic Addictive Behaviours, Behavioral Neuroscience, Motivation, Learning, Neuropharmacology, Optogenetics, Chemogenetics
Photograph of Cara MacInnis Cara MacInnis Social Psychology, Attitudes
Photograph of Eric Mash Eric Mash Psychopathology
Photograph of Daniel McGrath Daniel McGrath Gambling, Addictive Behaviours, Substance Abuse, Health Psychology, Personality, Psychopathology
Photograph of J.  Lary Mosley J. Lary Mosley Child Psychology
Photograph of Kristin Newman Kristin Newman Clinical Psychology, Emotion regulation, Psychopathology, Attention, Depression, Cognitive Psychology
Photograph of Arlin Pachet Arlin Pachet Neuropsychology, Stroke
Photograph of Guy Pelletier Guy Pelletier Health Psychology
Photograph of Penny Pexman Penny Pexman Cognitive Neuroscience, Psycholinguistics, Cognitive Development, Language Processing, Cognitive Psychology
Photograph of Andrea Protzner Andrea Protzner Cognitive Neuroscience, Neurodegenerative Disorders, Depression, Neuroimaging, Neuropsychology
Photograph of H. Lorraine Radtke H. Lorraine Radtke Psychology of Gender, Social Psychology, Discourse Analysis
Photograph of Robert Sainsbury Robert Sainsbury Neuropsychology, Behavioral Neuroscience
Photograph of Charles Scialfa Charles Scialfa Aging, Perception, Traffic Safety, Human Factors, Vision, Health, Aging, and Human Factors, Cognitive Psychology, Attention
Photograph of Christopher Sears Christopher Sears Attention, Emotion regulation, Anxiety, Memory, Depression, Cognitive Psychology
Photograph of Henderikus Stam Henderikus Stam History of Psychology, Discourse Analysis, Theoretical Psychology
Photograph of Kristin von Ranson Kristin von Ranson Eating Disorders, Behavioral Medicine, Clinical Psychology
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